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About NBSN

The History

In 1985, during a national NEA conference, a few African-American Staff attendees assembled informally to network. Subsequently, each year, the network grew in numbers. These informal meetings evolved into a formal organization and conference. In 2001, the organization became official by establishing a constitution and bylaws, electing officers and board of directors, recommending dues, devising a communications vehicle and setting an annual meeting, thus the NBSN Conference.

What Do We Do?

The NBSN sponsors a national conference of the membership the last weekend in February unless pre-determined by the membership by majority vote. The conference affords many opportunities to network, collaborate and meet colleagues from across the nation. In addition, workshop sessions, keynote speakers and other educational forums focusing on issues relative to African American staff are offered.

Structure of the NBSN

The NBSN is governed by its Annual Business Meeting. The Annual Meeting serves as the legislative and policy-making body of the organization. There are seven members of the Board consisting of four elected officers and three elected members-at-large. The officers of NBSN are President, Vice     President, Secretary, and Treasurer. All duly elected officers serve two-year terms. There is an identified state contact for each affiliate to provide on-going communications to the members.

Why Join?

You become a part of an extensive national network that provides a vehicle for communication, mutual support professionally, personally and spiritually. The NBSN maintains a website and communicates regularly with members through e-mail and other methods.

Who Is Eligible to Join?

Membership is open to African-American employees (current and retired) of the NEA, its affiliates and other individuals belonging to a category of people determined eligible by the membership as a whole.

Active Involvement of our Members

NBSN has committees that operate throughout the year, appointments are made by the president.