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Annual Conference

2020 NBSN 36th Annual Conference Session Descriptions

 “Did you join or do you belong?
What does it mean to be a union member?“        

Many of us are members of our respective staff affiliates unions.  We work for an organization who represents the interests of unionized educators.  As we move through the work we do and our own interests as staff, how do we internalize the values, attitudes and behaviors of solidarity, advocacy and leadership.   

 an opportunity to learn more about the history, mission and purpose of NBSN.

“Generational Diversity”                            

How 5-Generations in the Workplace impacts how we embrace and resolve conflict.  This workshop focuses on deescalating potential conflicts with the different generations.

“Let’s Transcend Year 2020 to “VISION 20/20” Part I and Part II                 

The year is 2020.

ASALH Theme: African Americans and the Vote
The Centennial of the 19th Amendment (1920) 
The Sesquicentennial of the 15th Amendment (1870)

A Presidential Election 

We will explore the impact of Voting Rights under the U.S. Constitution (and beyond), present day political dynamics, and how we, as African Americans must exercise our collective power to transcend traditional politics. “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize”   

“Healing Achilles: Leading Communities with Perseverance”

This interactive experiential training will help participants recognize the role that their perspectives and paradigms play in relationship building. Participants will explore the source and influence of the stories they create about themselves and others. Using a storytelling method, participants will draft a personal story about their leadership “truth” and explore common truths to foster better connect with others.

“Workplace Balance”                                                 

This discussion will focus on opportunities for each and every participant to recognize and create balance with work and personal life. Takeaways include identifying need for self-support and tactics to promote self-care. 

“Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) and Affinity Bargaining”                                 

We will discuss a fresh approach to the Collaborative Problem Solving (IBB, IBPS) as we negotiate contracts.  When we engage in the CPS process it works and is great, however, when we begin to bargain financials, we tend to move back into traditional bargaining. This workshop will give participants the tools to identify best practices and strategy, and continue to apply (CPS) through Affinity bargaining to achieve a positive outcome.

“Putting It Back Together” Part Deux                                   

Designed to provide assistance and guidance for addressing a strained employee and management relationship and how to work collaboratively to move towards repair. While conflict is inevitable, successful advocates know how to put it all back together once the initial energy has simmered down.  Join us to continue to explore the brain’s natural reaction to conflict and ways to transition from conflict to eventual collaboration.  This workshop will explore the various stages we humans experience and provides techniques to more from reaction to positive action.

Past Annual Conferences:

Since the Columbus meeting, NBSN has held a conference every year in February, Black History Month, on the last weekend of the month. Each conference offers the opportunity to interact with education stakeholders and nationally known speakers.  In addition, workshops focus on personal and professional growth.

Conference Sites:

1986 – Columbus, OH
1987 – Atlanta, GA
1988 – San Francisco, CA
1989 – New Orleans, LA
1990 – Washington, DC
1991 – Detroit, MI
1992 – Louisville, KY
1993 – Orlando, FL
1994 – Virginia Beach, VA
1995 – Charlotte, NC
1996 – Cincinnati, OH
1997 – Boston, MA

1998 – Memphis, TN
1999 – Secaucus, NJ
2000 – Atlanta, GA
2001 – San Diego, CA
2002 – Detroit, MI
2003 – Washington, DC
2004 – Jacksonville, FL
2005 – Washington, DC
2006 – Las Vegas, NV
2007 – Virginia Beach, VA
2008 – Sunset Beach, NC
2009 – Baltimore, MD

2010 – Memphis, TN
2011 – Burlingame, CA
2012 – Atlanta, GA
2013 – Dallas, TX
2014 – Greenville, SC
2015 – Las Vegas, NV
2016 – Richmond, VA
2017 – San Antonio, TX
2018 – San Diego, CA
2019 – Washington, DC
2020 – Las Vegas, NV