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Annual Conference

2019 NBSN 35th Annual Conference Session Descriptions

"1st Time” Attendees

All first-time attendees will have an opportunity to learn more about the history, mission and purpose of NBSN.

“Putting It Back Together”

Designed to provide assistance and guidance for addressing a strained employee and management relationship and how to work collaboratively to move towards repair. While conflict is inevitable, successful advocates know how to put it all back together once the initial energy has simmered down.  Join us to explore the brain’s natural reaction to conflict and ways to transition from conflict to eventual collaboration.  This workshop will explore the various stages we humans experience and provides techniques to more from reaction to positive action.

“Resiliency and Secondary Traumatic Stress Reduction Practices”

Secondary trauma refers to the experience of people — usually professionals — who are exposed to others’ traumatic stories as part of their jobs and as a result can develop their own traumatic symptoms and reactions. Black staff members are particularly susceptible to secondary trauma because of the vulnerable nature of their clients, the unpredictable nature of their jobs, and their relative lack of physical and psychological protection.

By implementing practices to recognize and reduce secondary trauma Black staff members should experience an increase staff resilience, optimism, self-care and job satisfaction, and decrease in stress reactivity, burnout and attrition.

“It’s a Matter of Life and Health”

Emphasis on the importance of living a balanced healthy life.  Nutrition and meal planning will be discussed.

“Advocacy in a Time of Racial Turbulence”

The current political climate has enabled race to raise its head in aggressive and hurtful ways. This workshop helps staff to navigate racial turbulence in today’s association work spaces. It addresses the question: How can staff be of service to members who also experience the negative impact of hostile environments charged by race? How can staff facilitate conversations on race? This is a space to share the impact of race and how to access options for better well-being for self and for members.

“Active Listening and Communication”

Do you want to Listen in a way that conveys respect and understanding to the communicator? While  Listening is the most fundamental component of interpersonal communication skills, it is also both an art and a skill.  This workshop will focus on techniques designed to equip you to move beyond passive listening, e.g., hearing, and introduce skills so your listening becomes an active process.  Takeaways include identifying adverse responders that shut-down communication, and focusing on a building a skill set you can use to encourage information sharing, further communication and support the other person.

“Sensational Storytelling: How to Create Powerful & Engaging Content”

This workshop will give participants the tools to create engaging content online to help tell stories across a variety of platforms.  Note: Please bring laptops and/or smartphone to use in presentation.

“Recruiting and Retaining Teachers of Color”

The Virginia Education Association’s “Teachers of Color” platform has successfully convened students, teacher educators, K-12 and postsecondary administrators, retired educators, human resources personnel, community organizations and policymakers to address the dearth of minority educators.  This session will provide an overview of the planning process, approaches to receiving buy-in from governance and staff as well as share the benefits, challenges, results, publications and established partnerships.  The session will inspire colleagues to have the tough conversations with members regarding the lack of diversity in the teacher workforce and the actions of the Association.

Past Annual Conferences:

Since the Columbus meeting, NBSN has held a conference every year in February, Black History Month, on the last weekend of the month. Each conference offers the opportunity to interact with education stakeholders and nationally known speakers.  In addition, workshops focus on personal and professional growth.

Conference Sites:

1986 – Columbus, OH

1987 – Atlanta, GA

1988 – San Francisco, CA

1989 – New Orleans, LA

1990 – Washington, DC

1991 – Detroit, MI

1992 – Louisville, KY

1993 – Orlando, FL

1994 – Virginia Beach, VA

1995 – Charlotte, NC

1996 – Cincinnati, OH

1997 – Boston, MA

1998 – Memphis, TN

1999 – Secaucus, NJ

2000 – Atlanta, GA

2001 – San Diego, CA

2002 – Detroit, MI

2003 – Washington, DC

2004 – Jacksonville, FL

2005 – Washington, DC

2006 – Las Vegas, NV

2007 – Virginia Beach, VA

2008 – Sunset Beach, NC

2009 – Baltimore, MD

2010 – Memphis, TN

2011 – Burlingame, CA

2012 – Atlanta, GA

2013 – Dallas, TX

2014 – Greenville, SC

2015 – Las Vegas, NV

2016 – Richmond, VA

2017 – San Antonio, TX

2018 - San Diego, CA

2019 – Washington, DC